IMPORTANT FROM VONAGE: Action needed to reactivate SMS capabilities
10 digit long code (10DLC) phone number registration is an industry mandate for sending SMS text messages. It is designed to help carriers and regulatory entities verify messaging traffic and phone numbers to ensure that only trusted messages are delivered and that all unverified traffic, spam, and malicious or fraudulent activity are minimized. The official submission deadline for registration has passed.

We previously communicated that any unregistered SMS traffic would be blocked and unregistered customers would be unable to send messages. This blocking became effective on May 20, 2024.

If you have not yet attempted to register your account, please go to the SMS registration page immediately to complete your request. If you have already submitted your registration request but have received an email requiring additional action, please provide the required updates as soon as possible. SMS capabilities cannot be restored until your registration has been fully approved.
Posted May 17, 2024 - 22:54 UTC